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Law for Australian Speech Pathologists: Episode 5 – Regulation of SLPs

How are speech pathologists regulated in Australia? In this episode we find out. First, we look at how health services are regulated in Australia. Then,

Motor-speech stories for articulation movements: bilabial-dental

Sometimes, unclear speech isn’t caused by problems with speech sounds at the single sound level. Many people – children and adults alike – struggle with

No-Prep Auditory Bombardment /ch/ Pack: to help eliminate deaffrication and voicing errors

It’s hard for a child to say a sound if they can’t hear it properly, or distinguish it from other speech sounds. But it can be

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Law for Australian Speech Pathologists: Episode 4 – so many laws, so many lawmakers!

Why do Australian speech pathologists have to know about so many laws made by so many lawmakers? In this episode, we romp through the doctrine

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Episode 3: Law for Australian Speech Pathologists – What is law?

Laws, morals, ethics. Same thing? No. Connected? Absolutely! In this episode, we look at the complicated relationship between laws, morals and ethics from an Australian

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