SLP Three-piece Thursday 5: on business models, scaling up your practice, and making your website more useful for clients

On getting your business model right: Are you looking to service the “mass market” for speech pathology services (e.g. children with communication issues), or just

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 4: on becoming the boss, leadership and meetings

On becoming the boss: To avoid burn-out, prioritise things that matter to your business vision. Leaders need to lead themselves first, so get organised –

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 3: on being different to everyone else, using social media properly, and choosing the right suppliers without going nuts!

On standing out from the SLP crowd. You won’t last long if you market yourself like every other SLP. People are busy and distracted. They

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 2: on founding and starting up a great private practice, and connecting with clients

On founding a great practice. Design your private practice to increase your freedom and autonomy. Hire talented staff to shore up your weak spots, especially

SLP Three-piece Thursday: 3 free, quick business tips for speech pathologists in private practice. Delivered weekly

Thursday afternoons are a drag. Spark them up with our “SLP Three-piece Thursdays”. Three business tips a week from leading thinkers, distilled and tailored by

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