Law for Australian Speech Pathologists: Episode 5 – Regulation of SLPs

How are speech pathologists regulated in Australia?

In this episode we find out.

First, we look at how health services are regulated in Australia. Then, we zero in on the key regulations applicable to speech pathologists in different states. Finally, we look at the negative licensing regime applicable to what we do, health and consumer complaints, SPA’s role, membership of SPA, and the pros and cons of self-regulation.

In the video, we mention our cheat sheet with links to legislation and regulations applicable to SLPs in Australia. Download it here.


Speechies in Business Speechies in Business
Speechies in Business is owned and operated by David Kinnane, a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, lawyer, writer and speaker in private practice in Sydney, Australia.  You can read more about David’s professional background, qualifications and experience here. David also co-owns and co-manages Banter Speech & Language, an independent private speech pathology clinic, and Bodkin Wood Legal & Advisory, a law firm specialising in allied health issues.
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