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For struggling school kids, what's the difference between seeing a speech pathologist and a tutor?

For struggling school kids, what’s the difference between seeing a speech pathologist and a tutor?

Over the years, parents have asked me this a few times. I’ve also been asked why speech pathologists are allied health workers; whereas most tutors come

Speech therapy by webcam: research-based guidelines for clients and their families

As we’ve noted elsewhere, travelling even short distances to the clinic can be hard for some families. Speech pathology by webcam is convenient and the

Speech pathologists: how to talk about what you do for a living without being “salesy”

“I need a blood test”* Lots of people have never met a speech pathologist. Some have a rough idea of what we do, often along

Speech pathologists: 5 best practice ways to improve your advice to clients

In one capacity or another, I’ve been a professional advisor for almost 20 years. Although advice-giving is a core part of what speech pathologists do,

Australian Speech Pathologists: consent to treatment for children aged 0-13 years with separated or divorced parents

If you work with kids and provide quality, client-centred care, you really work with families. Sometimes, you’re working with Mum and Dad and the kids together.