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Australian private practice SLP alert! New award rates in effect. Updated employment agreement templates for speech pathologists in private practice

The Fair Work Commission has made a new Determination, increasing the minimum award pay rates for Australian speech pathologists in private practice covered by the

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Over the last five years or so, there’s been a lot of chatter about how speech pathologists can or should outsource “non-core services” to others

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Here’s the scenario: you find out a client is receiving an unconventional and risky treatment from an unregistered health practitioner and you’re worried that the

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For speech pathologists in private practice, hiring independent contractors seems cheaper and more flexible than hiring employees, e.g. if your practice has unpredictable workflows or

Speech pathology graduates: Should you volunteer for experience and exposure?

Every year, I’m approached by speech pathology grads who’ve been offered “opportunities” to work for private practices for free, e.g. to get some experience, prove