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Australian speech pathologists: your client is receiving an unsafe treatment from an unregistered health practitioner. What should you do?

Here’s the scenario: you find out a client is receiving an unconventional and risky treatment from an unregistered health practitioner and you’re worried that the

Australian speech pathologists: is it ethical to hire juniors as independent contractors?

For speech pathologists in private practice, hiring independent contractors seems cheaper and more flexible than hiring employees, e.g. if your practice has unpredictable workflows or

Speech pathology graduates: Should you volunteer for experience and exposure?

Every year, I’m approached by speech pathology grads who’ve been offered “opportunities” to work for private practices for free, e.g. to get some experience, prove

NSW Speech Pathologists: compliance tips for recent changes to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act

Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) recently reminded its members that, since 6 May 2016, Chapter 16A of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act

Speech pathologists: how to get it all done, even when you’re off your game or feeling burnt out

Working in a busy private practice can wear you down and burn you out over time if you’re not careful. On Monday mornings, my average