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The tech-savvy speech pathologist: 5 technology-based ethics challenges and how to tackle them

When people tell me about the so-called “evils” of new technologies, I tell them about one of my first jobs as a lawyer for a

Speech pathologists: how to talk about what you do for a living without being “salesy”

“I need a blood test”* Lots of people have never met a speech pathologist. Some have a rough idea of what we do, often along

Performance Appraisals for Speech Pathologists

With the end of the financial year upon us, many of us are in the process of conducting performance appraisals for our employed speech pathologists.

Australian Speech Pathologists: Ethical Employment Practices 101

I’m an optimist when it comes to the future of the speech pathology profession. But I’m also a realist. A. Supply > demand = exploitation? Although

Too many graduates, not enough jobs: are we heading for Speechpathageddon?

“Too many universities pumping out too many graduates for not enough jobs.” I hear this a lot. But I don’t buy it. What people usually