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Australian speech pathologists and new graduates: ethical alternatives to dodgy independent contracting arrangements

For private speech pathologists hiring new graduates, independent contracting arrangements are arguably unethical and undeniably risky. But, sometimes, hiring new graduates as full-time employees isn’t

Speech pathology graduates: Should you volunteer for experience and exposure?

Every year, I’m approached by speech pathology grads who’ve been offered “opportunities” to work for private practices for free, e.g. to get some experience, prove

Speech pathologists: do you hate networking? Me too. But let’s do it anyway

Being in private practice can be lonely. We spend most of our working hours on bookings, reports, planning, parent correspondence and calls, and, of course,

Australian Speech Pathologists: Ethical Employment Practices 101

I’m an optimist when it comes to the future of the speech pathology profession. But I’m also a realist. A. Supply > demand = exploitation? Although

Too many graduates, not enough jobs: are we heading for Speechpathageddon?

“Too many universities pumping out too many graduates for not enough jobs.” I hear this a lot. But I don’t buy it. What people usually