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More and more clients and parents are searching for their speech pathologists on-line.  Like it or not, the contents and feel of your website and social media posts can win or lose clients – especially if web-savvy speech pathologists set up shop nearby.

But who has the time to spend on their online content when there are clients to see, a clinic to manage, and bills to be paid?

We do.

We create web content to order that’s relevant, fresh, accurate, professional, literate, riveting and right for you and your speech pathology business and brand.  We’re small – which means nimble – plus efficient and professional.  We crush deadlines and agree fixed fees with clients before we start work.  We’re at one with the latest research and can hogtie a double-blinded randomised controlled trial into a 400-word client briefing without breaking a sweat.


  • an independent copyrighting outfit specialising in online speech pathology content; and
  • authors, contributors, ghost-writers, wordsmiths, novelists, reviewers, headnoters, critics and academic consultants.

We’re managed by David Kinnane, a speech pathologist, writer, lawyer and Dean’s Scholar.  David is committed to evidence-based, client-centred content.  Ironically, he hates buzz words, jargon, and writing about himself in the third person.

Who do we help?  

So, if:

  • your website has been under construction longer than the Gaudi cathedral;
  • your description of services is a pastiche of boring bullet-points pasted onto your site from your peak body’s yellowed brochures;
  • you last blogged in 2012; or
  • your social media updates have descended into bi-annual musings on your cat, breakfast or decorative scrap-booking,

ask for a free quote.  For your clients’ sake!


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