Australian Speech Pathologists: consent to treatment for children aged 0-13 years with separated or divorced parents

If you work with kids and provide quality, client-centred care, you really work with families. Sometimes, you’re working with Mum and Dad and the kids together.

Australian Speech Pathologists: Ethical Employment Practices 101

I’m an optimist when it comes to the future of the speech pathology profession. But I’m also a realist. A. Supply > demand = exploitation? Although

Received a subpoena? 12 tips for speech pathologists

When working with kids, most of us try to provide family-centred healthcare. The upsides include better therapy and real world outcomes. But the downsides can

Too many graduates, not enough jobs: are we heading for Speechpathageddon?

“Too many universities pumping out too many graduates for not enough jobs.” I hear this a lot. But I don’t buy it. What people usually

Dealing with negative online reviews: evidence-based strategies for speech pathologists

Online review sites are fairly new in speech pathology and healthcare generally. Australian examples include Whitecoat and the NDIS-inspired Care Navigator. Negative reviews hurt Negative

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