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Episode 3: Law for Australian Speech Pathologists – What is law?

Laws, morals, ethics. Same thing? No. Connected? Absolutely! In this episode, we look at the complicated relationship between laws, morals and ethics from an Australian

No-Prep Auditory Bombardment /f/ Pack: words, pictures and audio recordings – /f/ sound (initial, middle, final)

It’s hard for a child to say a sound if they can’t hear it properly, or distinguish it from other speech sounds. But it can be

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Episode 2: Law for Australian Speech Pathologists – “Real World” Issues

In this episode, we look at some case studies (examples) of the types of legal issues that come up in “real world” practice in Australia.

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Law for Australian Speech Pathologists: 29 useful things to know

Welcome to our new video series for Australian speech pathologists, looking at key legal issues any speech pathologist – public or private practice – should

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 7: on productivity, the death of expertise, and more sleep!

On productivity: Being productive isn’t the same thing as doing more things or being busy. It’s doing the right things. Time, energy and attention are

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