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Law for Australian Speech Pathologists: 29 useful things to know

Welcome to our new video series for Australian speech pathologists, looking at key legal issues any speech pathologist – public or private practice – should

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 7: on productivity, the death of expertise, and more sleep!

On productivity: Being productive isn’t the same thing as doing more things or being busy. It’s doing the right things. Time, energy and attention are

SLP Three-Piece Thursday 6: on being original, managing your anger, and making it big

Be original. Both the quantity and quality of your new ideas are important. You never know which one will be a hit. Sometimes, a good

The value of speech – 14 hot tips, from 107 1/2 years ago

Back when I was a pompous lawyer – with lots of books but no time to read – my wife bought me an embossed, original,

SLP Three-piece Thursday 5: on business models, scaling up your practice, and making your website more useful for clients

On getting your business model right: Are you looking to service the “mass market” for speech pathology services (e.g. children with communication issues), or just

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