No-Prep Auditory Bombardment /f/ Pack: words, pictures and audio recordings – /f/ sound (initial, middle, final)

It’s hard for a child to say a sound if they can’t hear it properly, or distinguish it from other speech sounds. But it can be fiddly and time-consuming to coordinate word lists, with matching pictures and high quality audio recording – especially for children who have not yet learned to read.

“Auditory bombardment” – also known as “focused auditory stimulation” – is an evidence-based practice to help children focus on the target sound or sound combination. It can be used:

  • with the Cycles Phonological Remediation Approach (Barbara Hodson); or
  • as an add-on to traditional articulation therapy or phonological treatments, e.g. auditory discrimination work, minimal pairs or multiple oppositions treatments.

This pack is all you need to implement an auditory bombardment program for the /f/ sound. It includes:

  • word lists using high frequency, simple vocabulary;
  • beautiful, engaging photo flashcards illustrating each word on the list; and
  • audio recordings in easy-to-use M4A format, which can be played on your phone, iPad, or computer, and emailed to clients after the session.

Evidence tells us that you need as few as 3-5 examples of a sound for children to pick up the pattern. This pack includes 6 lists of words – 30 words in all –  showcasing the target sound at the start, middle and the end of words.

Simply print the cards, download the audio file, and go!

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Posted by David Kinnane

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